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LCN Colour Gel Zodiac Line

LCN Colour Gel Zodiac Line

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The perfect color for your zodiac sign! Discover the shades of our new Zodiac collection that match the 12 zodiac signs.

A simple color is just right for the Capricorn. Earth tones like brown and gray go great with his lifestyle and underline his love for tradition.

Turquoise is the perfect color for the creative and independent Aquarius. It is strong and reflects the energetic and free nature of this zodiac sign.

This season, Pisces wears a delicate Caribbean Sea Green. This color emphasizes the reliability and patience of the zodiac sign.

Courageous, passionate, and determined who, if not the Aries, would wear a fiery shade of red?

f your astrological sign is Taurus, you are a very dependable and sensual person. The character traits are perfectly reflected with a delicate shade of pink.

Gemini is brave and open to new things. A cheerful shade of yellow underlines this property and immediately puts you in a good mood.

A subtle glitter color that goes with every mood and every outfit is perfect for the sensitive Cancer because it stands for clarity and purity.

Leos have a lot of power and love the big show. So why not attract attention with the choice of nail polish color? Shimmering gold and copper tones are not only trendy, but they also make the nails a real eye-catcher.

The colors olive and green are ideal for the zodiac sign Virgo. You are close to nature and love playful details.

Libra needs the company of their loved ones around them. A romantic purple looks particularly good on them. The fresh color goes great with its elegant exterior.

Between sensual and determined: The Scorpio always strives for his personal best. Dark Bordeaux underlines his ambition and authority, but at the same time, it also stands for the seduction that this zodiac sign dominates.

Are you an optimistic, spontaneous Sagittarius? Then warm shades of purple are the perfect color match. It underlines the tolerant, freedom-loving character.

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