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Diamond bur "reverse cone" L-1,5 mm, 01,8 mm, 1 pc.

Diamond bur "reverse cone" L-1,5 mm, 01,8 mm, 1 pc.

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* Professional bur for manicure and pedicure

* Designed for processing lateral (lateral) ridges and sinuses, treatment of the anterior (distal) ridge.

* Diamond grit is applied by electroplating, due to which it is firmly fixed on the surface of the bur, does not crumble or chip.

* The uniform application of diamond chips over the entire working surface ensures a soft, accurate work of the bur. 

*The bur is precisely centered so that it is firmly fixed in the router handle. 

* Service life up to 3 months, depending on the frequency of use and proper care. 

* Sterilizable in dry ovens and autoclaves.

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