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LCN AFO Bonding Gel, 10ml

LCN AFO Bonding Gel, 10ml

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The innovative all-for-one (AFO) texture of this high-performance gel system provides perfect results for all nails that are struggling with extreme lifts.

For damp, greasy nails that tend to hairlifts. 


  • Extremely strong adhesion 


  • suitable for all nail types

  • self-smoothing

  • acidity; no lifting

  • flexible and unbreakable; high wearing comfort

  • simple application

  • suitable for fingernail extension

  • with tips and templates as well as for 3D nail art

  • recommended for "transfer customers" from acrylic to gel

  • recommended for customers with greasy, tilting nails

Trial sizes in 5 ml may be delivered in a different packaging.

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