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LCN Extreme Gloss & Go Glimmer Sealant, 10ml

LCN Extreme Gloss & Go Glimmer Sealant, 10ml

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Our top-selling no wipe top coat now comes with a bit of glimmer!

Extreme Gloss&Go Glimmer is a brush in bottle sealant with an easy application. Perfect for nail art.

1. extreme shine

2. faster application

3. no dispersion layer after curing

4. no scratching

5. durability

6. no yellowing of the French design

7. no discoloration of the full cover design

Quick to apply, long durability and scratch-resistant.

Application: Just apply a thin layer on to french or full color and cure in a LED unit (60 secs) or UV light unit (2 mins).

IMPORTANT NOTE! After curing Extreme Gloss&Go, the nail surface must not be touched for 3-4 minutes. This ensures a perfect high gloss shine. Therefore, it is important that you have your client keep her hands flat and/or to not touch her nails during this time.

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